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  • Introduction
  • DMX Channels
  • Specification
  • Gobo wheel
  • Dimension
  • LUX
  • Lighting effect
  • Video
  • Download

/upLoad/product/month_1705/201705031739307592.jpgVoltage: 100V~240V/50~60Hz
Ballast: electronic ballast
Lighting: Osram series SIRIUS HRI 330W
Color temperature: 8500K
Lamp life: 2000 hours
Colors: 14 colors + white
Pattern: 8 rotation pattern + 4 white
Prism: two can be two-way rotating prism plate, beam angle can free China "
Lens: high precision multi group bonding optical lens
Effect: adjustable light angle of light
Beam: multi beam angle effect
Focus: the linear focusing
Light: the 0-100% linear regulator
Light: can automatically correct positioning
Beam angle: the parallel beam angle of 0 – 2.3 ° atomization angle 8 °
Stroboscopic flash: dual structure, 0.5-14 times per second adjustable
Motor number: 12 ultra quiet motor, wherein the two three-phase motor drive, 16Bit
Control mode: the international standard DMX512
Address code setting: built a long-life battery automatic charging,
Set address code does not need to switch on the lamp power supply
Number of channels: up to 20 control channel, design of receiving mode of double channel
Other functions: remote control lighting switch, automatic speed fan,,
Automatically reduce the 60W lighting lamps closed light
Appearance: high temperature alloy plastic shell
Protection grade: IP20
Lamp size: 355*300*519mm
Net weight: 17kg

1 color wheel
2 strobe
The 3 light
The 4 pattern
5 rotation pattern
The 6 prism
7 prism rotation
8 prism amplification
9 atomization
10 focus
The 11.X axis
12.X fretting
The 13.Y axis
14.Y fretting
Lighting control
Velocity of XY axis
Color changing speed
The beam velocity
Change the velocity map


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