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Belmont honours Bandit Lites

Belmont University's annual Best of the Best Showcase

USA - Belmont University's annual Best of the Best Showcase honoured Bandit Lites with the 2013 Robert E. Mulloy Award of Excellence. The event took place on Saturday, 13 April in the Curb Event Centre and was hosted by the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business. Brent Barrett, Bandits' business development officer, accepted the award on behalf of Bandit Lites.

Wesley Bulla, Dean of the Curb College stated, "Bob Mulloy loved creating opportunities for students to experience the music industry first hand through programs like our showcase series. Today, this program has become a rich tradition on Belmont's campus. Without the partnership with Bandit Lites, ourstudents would not have the chance to produce the high-calibre shows we've seen over the past 10 years.

"These partners have not just loaned equipment for shows, the professionals from Bandit have given graciously of their time and energy, helped train and guide students during showcases, participated in workshops and internships, and made commitments to help our students that are beyond our expectations. Bandit is truly a partner in education, exemplifying the true spirit and purpose of excellence in their service to our industry, to the Curb College, Belmont University, and most of all to our students' success."

Previous honorees include Donna Hilley, Vince Gill, Harry 'Hap' Peebles and the International Entertainment Buyers Association and Mike Curb.

For the last 10 years, Bandit has worked with the showcase series to teach students the real world aspects of lighting design. From quoting and budgets, to discussions with Bandit project managers regarding the feasibility, practicality and safety of the students' designs, the showcase series culminates in the production of an actual concert with Bandit providing the system and technician for the 2,000-person concert.

"These students are the future of our industry," said Barrett. "This program applies a 'real world' teaching process which serves as an important compliment to the more academic portion of their education."

Tim Creedon created the lighting design for the event, with additional support from project manager Shawn Lear and lighting technician Charles Albea.

"All of our project managers and techs that work the showcase events go the extra mile in not just the

planning and build of the lighting system, but also making it a teaching experience as well," added Barrett.

Jim Evans

3 May 2013

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